"In our transportation business of 55 years, BharatBenz trucks require the least maintenance. Our drivers are happy to drive the vehicles and easily travel long distance without any helpers. "

Because of less maintenance, our drivers are happy to drive the vehicles.

Raghuveer Singh- Dunlop Haldia Truck Association

"The vehicle maintenance costs and spare parts costs are much lower as compared to other trucks. These trucks have a good fuel average and excellent turn around time. "

BharatBenz provides me with good fuel average and an excellent turnaround time.

Vijay Kumar - Sri Mallikarjun Transport

"BharatBenz trucks are the most comfortable. Recently, I was about to change the driver of my 14-wheeler BharatBenz truck. But he said he wants to drive a BharatBenz vehicle only and asked me to give another truck to the other driver. "

BharatBenz trucks are the safest and most comfortable to drive.

Gurdev Singh - Dal Haldi Truck Owners’ Association

"The vehicle is very strong with a good pickup. It runs without any stoppage and requires low maintenance. Even getting its servicing done is easy."

BharatBenz trucks are very strong with a good pickup.

Murarilal Saini - Vinayak Transport

"I have been running my business from the past 30 years. From the time I bought BharatBenz trucks, it has been flourishing. These trucks provide good fuel efficiency and luxurious comfort for drivers. "

BharatBenz trucks give good fuel efficiency and luxurious comfort for drivers.

Velu -Sri Velmurugan Arul Transport

"In our milk transport business, all the vehicles leave at the same time from the dairy, but our BharatBenz vehicles reach 4 to 5 hours earlier. I can thus afford to do an extra trip in 48 to 72 hours. It is an excellent truck with great performance and mileage "

Excellent trucks with a great performance and mileage.

Lakshmi Naryan Jaat


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