Top 5 Ways BharatBenz Trucks Keep Operators Safe From Any Pandemic

Top 5 Ways BharatBenz Trucks Keep Operators Safe From Any Pandemic

The last couple of years have redefined the role of logistics in our daily lives. While the pandemic has kept most of us in our homes, valiant people like truck drivers and their colleagues put their own lives at risk to ensure that India’s supply chain economy remains stable. Transport trucks have become important assets, ferrying goods like food supplies, PPE kits, oxygen concentrators, and ventilators through adverse conditions to the people who need them most.


With such huge challenges ahead of the logistics of major industries, commercial truck dealers need to step up and ensure safety for their vehicles. There is one that is facing up to that challenge. BharatBenz trucks not only deliver the required quality of their vehicles but also don’t play around with the safety of the operators. Although several practices come into play, here are the top five ways that enable BharatBenz to ensure the safety of the fleet’s staff.


 1- Standard Safety Kit For All Trucks



All BharatBenz trucks come standard with a prerequisite safety kit that includes a first-aid kit, emergency set of tools, N95 masks, gloves, and sanitizers. This enables everyone on board to maintain a hygienic environment during their supply runs. Being the exclusive dealer for BharatBenz, Globe Trucking also makes sure that adequate safety equipment is present aboard every truck that makes its way to a commercial fleet. Antiviral and antibacterial sprays for the interior are also available at competitive prices from within the showroom, should the driver desire to make use of them.


 2- Well-Ventilated Haulage Truck Cabins



With COVID-19, it is essential to keep away from confined spaces over extended periods since the droplets may prove to be infectious. All haulage trucks from BharatBenz have massive cabins that have large windows for ventilation. The sturdy cabin is not only effective for safety but also allows for maintaining social distancing for two occupants. The windows are power-operated, allowing for an effective flow of air from the outside. There are several clever storage compartments and bunk beds that try to keep the space from filling up as most operators pack for a long journey ahead.


 3- Dependable BharatBenz Builds



To provide an efficient platform while keeping the operator’s contact from other people on the road minimum, BharatBenz trucks are dedicated to reliability. Thanks to a comprehensive design system and a fuel-efficient engine that can last thousands of kilometres before needing a checkup, there are few reasons why the operators need to leave their cabin for a long stretch. The transmissions are heavy duty with no chance of grinding out gears in the middle of the trip. The suspension does a great job balancing the loads while creating a comfortable environment for all the occupants.


 4- Special Disinfection Services For Commercial Vehicles



Unlike many other commercial truck dealers, Globe Trucking puts a strong focus on the health and well-being of all operators. When any truck pulls in for its regular maintenance, it is cleaned thoroughly to remove any chance of viral or bacterial infection for the occupants. There are mandatory temperature checks at the entry and exit of the service centre, with a team of trained medical staff to conduct testing if required. For every service centre, Globe Trucking maintains strict protocols for ensuring safety of everyone on the premises.


 5-Trucks With Digital Vehicle Monitoring



Systems like Truckonnect helps to keep track of each vehicle of the fleet in real-time, giving a more transparent peek into the day-to-day activities of any logistical operation. With information like fuel consumed, distance travelled, current location, and occasional weigh scaling at a smartphone screen. Other measures like the driver state monitoring system also help keep an eye on the driver’s behaviour without manual observations.


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There is no doubt that this is a tough time for everyone, especially for those whose services have been deemed necessary and who need to face the risk of infection every day on the job. Thankfully, manufacturers like BharatBenz have realized those risks and know that mitigating them is an important step to sustain the economy. Globe Trucking is a great example of cooperation and it will be glad to see other commercial truck dealers follow in their footsteps.

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