Top 5 Ways How BharatBenz Tipper Prices Can Fetch You The Perfect Truck For The Job

Top 5 Ways How BharatBenz Tipper Prices Can Fetch You The Perfect Truck For The Job

A logistics truck fleet is a big investment. It doesn’t just mean buying a bunch of large vehicles and getting them to work, it also involves proper maintenance of the trucks and the staff that operates them. Not to mention balancing the accounts and delivery schedules with all that simultaneously. Sounds tough, right? How about doing all that in the hostile conditions of a construction site or a coal mine? All this calls for something that only the BharatBenz tipper truck price can fetch you: reliability without compromising performance.

Sure, there are other alternatives in the Punjab region that can offer you better deals on entire fleets, much lower than when you’re going for the cost of a BharatBenz 1923. However, the rocky road starts when you’re already behind schedule and several of the trucks need repairs. For one of the most hostile conditions in the trucking business, you are better off paying the BharatBenz 3528 price when it comes to tipper-class trucks. Aside from being able to handle the required loads properly, BharatBenz tippers come with a variety of features that make them more than suitable for the job. ‘Just what are they?’, you might wonder. Well, let’s take a deep dive and find out.


 1 - Ruggedness Proven Perfect In-Country




Tipper trucks are known for their immense strength. That is the reason you find them a common solution when it comes to towing heavy cargo like concrete and gravel. The absence of the tarmac during most of their trips also means that they have to withstand a lot of punishment. That is something you can be assured of when you pay the BharatBenz tipper truck price. Built on the E500 chassis, the tipper-class trucks are able to handle enormous weight of material cargo while keeping things stable over rough terrain.


 2 - Punchy Yet Efficient Engines



Now, you might be wondering, “Jeez. What’s powering that beast of a machine?” That would be the diesel-powered BSVI-rated OM 926 engine, designed by Mercedes-Benz. It is optimized for a lot of low-end torque, all of 1100 Nm, available early in the revs so as to facilitate easy acceleration with heavy loads. With additions like an e-viscous fan and a common rail system, the powertrain is efficient as well. The power is delivered to the wheels quite effectively with thicker gears and a hydraulic heavy-duty, enabling these tipper to reach speeds up to 60 Km/h out on the open road.


 3 - Prices That Bring In Creature Comforts



Aside from its rugged build and superior performance, the cost of a BharatBenz 1923 includes a few treats for the staff that operate the trucks as well. The relaxing cabin would make the casual eye forget that this is a truck for hauling raw ore deposits straight out of a mining site. The interior of BharatBenz tippers includes upholstered seating, air-conditioning, adjustable steering wheel, panoramic windows, and a highly functional sound system to help alleviate the stress during the hauling.


 4 - Safe And Nimble Tippers For The Job



While the roads of India have always been rife with hazards, its the mining and construction sites that possess even more of a threat to the operators. That is why BharatBenz puts special care and attention to the safety of tipper trucks, more than any other trims in its inventory. The body is build with aluminium and steel composites with crumple zones to sway the impact away from the driver cabin. All BharatBenz tippers come standard with dual-line ABS and pneumatically operated brakes to help with emergency stops. The hydraulic power assisted steering gives full control of the truck to the driver. You'll find that these trucks have a tight turning radius despite their massive size.


 5 - A Nationwide Service Network For Trucks


Perhaps one of the best advantages to put your money up for the BharatBenz 3528 price is the wide range of authentic services that become available to you across India. With run-of-the-mill trucks, you’ll rarely find something other than a shady, run-down establishment that fixes tippers with rudimentary methods, often proving rather dangerous in the long term. On the other hand, BharatBenz has dedicated service centres you can reach out in your time of need, ones that offer nothing but genuine BharatBenz parts and services along with a pool of trained technicians who are well-qualified to handle the job.

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In matters pertaining to logistic businesses, it is often best to invest in the methods and personnel of transport to keep up to the promise of delivering goods. That becomes ten times more important for tipper trucks since these often see worse of transport conditions than any other hauler on the road while contributing to most primary fields of our nation's economy. With BharatBenz, you are sure to receive a fleet that is not only tough enough to overcome the extremes, but also proves comfortable and beneficial for the clients, staff, and business owners in the most wholesome way possible.

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